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Title Frontgate Fighters
Genre Arcade
Platform Android
Title Layer
Genre Puzzle
Platform iOS ($1.99)
Title Consteline
Genre Puzzle
Platform Android (free)
Title Koutack
Genre Puzzle
Platform Flash, HTML5
Title Late Lino
Genre Arcade, Avoider, Minigame
Platform Flash
Title Wonderland Cosa Nostra
Genre Defense, Shooter
Platform Flash
Genre Distance, Avoider, Timing
Platform Flash
Title Outsmart!
Genre Life Simulation
Platform Flash
Title Sword of August
Genre SHMUP/Vertical Shooter
Platform Flash
Title Stellar Arms
Genre Run n Gun
Platform PC
Title Grand Steam: Duel
Genre Strategy, Turn-based Duel
Platform Flash
Title Linoveus Cube
Genre Real-time Resource Management
Platform Flash
Title Montage Roux
Genre Strategy, Turn-based Duel
Platform Flash
Title Dream Cube
Genre Platformer, Puzzle
Platform Flash
Title Bright Lotus Arena
Genre Arena Shooter
Platform Flash
Title Grand Steam
Genre Arena Hack n Slash
Platform Flash
Title Trinity Sofia
Genre Action, Puzzle
Platform Flash


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Who are us?

stellar-Ø or stellarNull is an independent game developer started in 2011, based in Indonesia. We love video games since our childhood, being a game developer makes our love to video games even deeper, we value every elements in video games, from art direction, game design, story, audio, to minor thing like buttonpress animation.

What do we do?

We're games on several platforms (Flash, HTML5, and iOS). On spare time, we're also provide graphic and audio commission service. We've made wide variety of games from old school SHMUP to dating simulation.

What makes us different?

Well, we create games others don't. We're not really into following trends. We strife for fresh ideas and uniqueness, yet we dig fun classic stuff from the NES, SEGA Genesis, SNES, and PSX era. Mix all of that with our personal interests and forte, and that's our product. Our goal is to deliver unique experience that only us could deliver!

the jester


art director . ???


Atlus Persona Team, TREASURE, Old JRPGs, Cooking games, Match3 games


Culinary, Nature, Psychology

the wanderer

Rico Lemba

game designer . programmer


Nintendo, Yasumi Matsuno, TREASURE


Abstract, Bodybuilding, UNIQLO

the hermit

clea leshlick

audio director . game designer


KOEI Strategy Games, Simulation games, Mecha Games


Spirituality, Philosophy


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